Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No...not the bees!

It's no surprise if you aren't aware that my brother Troy and I have a blog entitled It's Garbage Day -- where we discuss the merits of bad movies -- because we haven't posted any new material in about four months.  But the long awaited Wicker Man post is finally up.  Head on over to the Garbage Day blog and see what we have to say about a really weird Nicolas Cage performance...and not weird in the good, Bad Lieutanant kind of way.


  1. I dont get Nicholas Cage in that movie. Why was he okay with doing it? Why did he say "sure, ill say those lines! No problem!"

    And they had such an awesome movie to draw from too...

  2. You know, it only takes a still of Nicolas Cage for me to hate him. The one you posted. Another from the same movie where he's running with his arms waving in the air. One from "Bad Lieutenant" where he seems to be chewing on his own hand. As Lina Lamont would say: "I cayn't stand'im!"

  3. Craig:

    I'm not going to lie...after what you told me in the Nic Cage thread and the Bad Lieutenant thread (both of which contain the other pictures you mention above)I couldn't help but think of you and laugh when I posted this picture. I knew you would hate it. I've now completed the trifecta of Cage stills that you abhor. I feel proud of myself in some weird way, hehe.