Friday, November 1, 2013

Italian Horror Blogathon: Postscript

Well, another blogathon is in the books. I’ve tried to get around to everyone’s blog to thank you personally, but if I haven’t yet, let me just take a moment to thank everyone that participated this year. I’ve said it in previous years, but I’m always blown away by how many of you are as interested in Italian horror as I am, and I’m doubly blown away by the amount of quality found in the contributions I receive.

So, thanks to Tim, James, Neil, Simon, Erich, Stacia, Hans, Lee, Dick, Brennan, Aaron, and Peter for your contributions this year. As I always, thanks to the readers. Let’s do this again next year (I’ve already created my watchlist). So thanks again, all! I appreciate your help in making this so much fun to do every year.

In case you missed anything, here are the links to the pieces written by the names mentioned above.

Also, here is what I covered for this year’s blogathon:

- What Have You Done to Solange?
- Spasmo
- Killer Crocodile
- Zombi 3
- Shock
- The House by the Cemetery
- Torso