Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer of Slash: Wrap-up

Well, as you can can see apparently the summer only lasts a few months in my world. I know that technically I have an entrie month to watch more slasher/horror movies and write about them, but the truth is that I've pretty much covered all of the titles I wanted to cover. This isn't really the end of my horror movie writing, though (of course not!) as a month from now I will be joining three others in coutning down the best horror films of all time over at the place for movie polling, Wonders in the Dark. Since the four of us plan on taking our lists and finding common films among them to make the list, some of the films I will have placed on my list won't get featured, so I plan on doing my full countdown (all 100 movies!) over here in small, one-to-two paragraph reviews of each horror film. That way I can continue the horror theme (all the way through October, which this blog will once again host an Italian horror themed blogathon) while reviewing other movies, too.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my horror posts (and to those of you who read without commenting, too), and my apoligies for dropping the ball the last few weeks and not replying to comments. School is over for the summer, and work stuff won't really pick up until mid-September, so I plan on getting a lot of reviewing done here on the blog (I have a handful of 2010 films I've watched, ranging from:The Green Zone to Greenberg to Chole to The Ghost Writer, and so much more). Be on the lookout for my John Huston reviews for Adam's John Huston blogathon, and next month I'll be contributing a piece on Videodrome for Tony's David Cronenberg blogathon.  Go to those blogs and participate in the discussion.  See ya around.


  1. Looking forward to your review of The Ghost Writer, which is my favorite film of the year. I also loved both Chloe and Green Zone a heck of a lot despite the lukewarm receptions of each.

    Thanks for promoting the blogathon as well, Kevin. It's going very well so far.

  2. nice another Italian horror blogathon! I'll add a piece or two to it, I have a list about 5 or 6 deep of giallo's I want to get to that I've never seen (and didn't have the time to for the horror countdown).

  3. Thanks, Adam. I'll just say in regards to THE GHOST WRITER that I am in agreement with you.

    Oh, and you can expect my Huston piece tomorrow or Monday. Half of it is done.

  4. Jamie:

    Thanks! I'm glad you're excited for another Italian horror blogathon. It's good to know that people enjoyed the first one, and that they're equally excited to contribute again. Of course, any kind of submission from you will be great appreciated. I can't wait, either.

    Oh, and thanks for heading up a lot of the conversation on the MIAMI VICE post. I was glad somebody was there to respond to a lot of those comment, because as it stands right now I just don't have the time to go through every comment and respond in full the way I want thanks for helping me out with that!

  5. The horror venture is an exciting one, that's for sure Kevin! I am beginning to put together the films I will vote for in the comment section polling!