Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I hope that's shepherds pie in my knickers...

Forty years ago, a film appeared that was so shocking, so terrifying, it was sealed in a concrete vault deep beneath the earth. But even the new management of Sony Tri-Star could not contain the pure evil of The Bloodening. A registered nurse, trained in the treatment of terror, will be on duty during the showing of The Bloodening.

For a truly terrifying film this Halloween make sure to watch The Bloodening. It has a high likelihood of causing fear-induced heart attacks, and you get to find out how creepy little kids know about how the doctor and the bootblack have been rogering the fishwife in the crumpet shop. Oh, and you find out about the constable who has been sneaking puddings. Because those creepy little kids "KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS".

Video after the jump (for some reason when I embedded the video it wanted to go outside of my margins)...

Just go to the 11:20 mark of the video to see what I'm talking about (about two minutes before that you get an awesome trailer for the movie).

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  1. What kind of crazy Eastern European site did you link that video from...

    "So, Marge, ready for another episode of 'Don't Go There'"?

    "I'm tired of that show. But I've been hearing good things about 'Talk to the Hand.' Tom Shales says the writing 'snaps, crackles, and pops'!"

  2. It's the only place I could find the episode. You have to search some odd places on the internet to find the videos you I was too lazy to just take my DVD and upload the specific scene to my computer. So there ya have it. That's why I got it from that weird website. Hehe.