Monday, July 12, 2010

In Lieu of Slash How 'Bout Some Links?

I'm slow on content right now because my computer blew up the other night, and I'm waiting for my tech savvy brother to help me put a new hard drive in it. So, even though I have a review that's been in the can for awhile (I'll post it later today, maybe) I felt like I should point everyone to something much better: Tim Brayton's "Summer of Blood" series on the Video Nasties.  Now, most of my readers will already be familiar with Tim's writing.  He's one of the best out there, and I implore all of you to check out his latest entry on the infamous Nasty film Island of Death.  If you know of Tim's writing, and you know of the infamy of that nasty little Greek POS, then you know that the combo of both is going to be gold, Jerry, gold!  So, do yourself a favor and head on over to Tim's site and read through his archives for some great horror reading. Make sure you keep following his series this summer, horror fans, as the best is yet to come, I'm sure.

On a more serious note: Tim also has asked his readers to partake in a little donation for the Carry on Campaign.  Just click on the link to find out what that's all about.  I usually don't pitch for others when they're asking for donations, and I usually don't donate to online causes; however, Tim's personal story is a powerful one, and I know he's on the up-and-up, therefore I didn't hesitate for a second to do something I rarely do: donate to a cause I know very little about.  Tim explains it all in the aforementioned hyperlink, and I was moved enough to feel compelled to donate a small amount of money to a great cause.  Check it out and help Tim reach his donation goal.

One final, non-horror related, link for you all: don't forget that Bryce's Christopher Nolan blog-a-thon has started (we're in day two now) over at his blog Things That Don't Suck.  Check it out!

Okay...enough shilling from me...I'll be back later with a review of Tobe Hooper's Funhouse.


  1. Glad to know the fate of your blog rests in my hands. That's putting the pressure on...

    That ISLAND OF DEATH review is great (I need to leave a comment later today). He gave it the ripping it so deeply deserved, but in a refined way :) Oh, also I donated on Tim's site a few weeks back and requested a couple fun reviews that I'm sure you'll enjoy, Kevin.

  2. Hehe. Yes, I hope you suggested SOLDIER TERMINATORS...or at least SILENT RAGE!

    I suggested something good for him...I felt too bad suggesting something bad, hehe. I hope he does THE CHURCH (one of my suggestions). Which by the way you need to see again (if you already haven't) for the horror countdown. You'll be quite shocked, I think, at where it places on my list.

  3. I watched THE CHURCH a week or so ago. Gave it ****. I think we are of the same mind on it.

  4. No man by all means shill shill. ; )

    Thanks alot though its much appreciated.

  5. You sir, are infinitely too generous.