Monday, November 2, 2009

Italian Horror Blog-a-thon: Post Script

Well that was fun, wasn't it? I never in my wildest dreams imagined that so many of you would be interested in discussing this kooky little subgenre I love so much. Some of my blogging heroes joined in the discussion (Thanks, Dennis and Tim!), and I got to meet a lot of new bloggers who love Italian horror as much as I do. This was a lot fun, everyone...and I have all of you to thank because of it. So...thanks! Fulci was the most popular subject for the blog-a-thon...which kind of shocked me; Argento didn't get much coverage which shocks me even more; and I was surprised that not a lot of people covered Bava or other 60's/70's gialli. I was also a little surprised that zombies weren't more popular. Sure, Zombi 2 and City of the Living Dead got the obvious coverage, but I have to say that I was surprised that no one covered the campier zombie flicks like Burial Ground, Nightmare City, or Virus. Maybe next year, right?

Of course I am beyond elated at the amount of entries I received and the quality of those entriues. I think we'll be doing this again next year, maybe with a little more specificity like giallo films from 60's or the Italian exploitation film of the 70's, or the zombie craze of the 80's. I'll tinker...I mean I have a whole year to think about this, hehe.

I hope to see a lot of you continue to frequent this blog. The next month might be a little light on the blogging as my Graduate schooling gets a tad more intense, but I will be posting some quickie reviews on here and a special post that I'm pretty excited about. There's also the matter of new film reviews...just look for those in December or January when I'm out of school (and on Winter break at work) and have time to catch up with all of the 2009 releases. I'm sure there will be the obligatory top ten list for the year, and the decade, too! Woo hoo! Everyone loves lists! Okay, that's enough exclamation points for now. Be on the lookout for some new material this week and sporadically throughout the month (I think the new Descent film opens soon, doesn't it?) and then I'll be back to full speed by December. Again, thanks everyone for making this so much fun to do. There were many Italian horror films I watched for the blog-a-thon that I never got a chance to write about, so you can count on those being posted at some point...or we'll just do this thing again next year.

Extra points for anyone who can figure out what movie that still is from.


  1. Fulci's QUELLA VILLA ACCANTO AL CIMITERO, aka 'House by the Cemetery'.

  2. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

    Nicely done, Doc. (Dang I was hoping that was going to be a tad more difficult! Hehe)

  3. Thanks for running this, Kevin -- it's allowed me to add six or seven new blogs to my reading list. There are so many good writers out there...