Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Pumped! Four days until the Italian Horror Blog-a-thon

We’re a mere four days away from the first annual Italian Horror Blog-a-thon here at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies (and my first attempt at hosting a blog-a-thon in general). Yes, I said first annual because in the weeks that I have been preparing for this blog-a-thon (which has taken me away from the blog for awhile) I’ve realized that there are so many Italian horror flicks that I haven’t seen, or classic ones that I won’t cover in the next couple of weeks, that I’ll have to do this thing again next year in order to cover everything I want to cover. The fact that the response has been so great for this blog-a-thon (thanks so far everyone!) before it has even started sealed the deal for me…I want to do this again next year. So, we start in four days and I’ve already proclaimed the blog-a-thon a success, hehe. Presumptuous? Perhaps, but I feel good about the quality of reviews from those of you who have voiced interest in participating.

Here’s how this will work: The first post will go up at 7am Pacific time on Monday the 19th. All subsequent posts will go up at the same time. If we’ve talked via email or through the comments section of the previous post then please just email me your review (by this I mean the text with attached pictures if you have any) with a link to your blog, or you can simply notify me of your contribution by posting the link in the comments for this post. You can submit a piece anytime between the 19th and the 31st, just let me know about it so I can properly pimp your blog.

I appreciate the interest so far. This endeavor has been received well beyond what I ever hoped or imagined, so thank you all for that. This should be a lot of fun…gruesome, bloody, gratuitous fun. See you on Monday.

* Picture courtesy of Dario Argento's Tenebre ( awesome are those guys?).


  1. Sounds great! I'm excited to see what everyone's doing. I'm gonna be jumping the gun a little bit and have my contribution up on my blog on Friday with a review of the Anchor Bay DVD of Dellamorte Dellamore.

  2. Sounds great, J.D.! I look forward to reading that as it is one of my favorite Italian horror flicks. One thing that will become abundantly clear throughout this blog-a-thon is my love for Michele Soavi and how I think he surpassed his mentor Dario Argento as the guru of the genre.

  3. I would love to speak about one of Bava's masterworks, like BLACK SABBATH or BLACK SUNDAY, and perhaps deliver a full review for you on one of these!

  4. Sam:

    I would be honored if you wanted to write a full review on one of those films. Email it to me and I will post it as that days submission. I will be doing a mix of posting one post per day and then just posting links (kind of like what Tony did with his wonderful De Palma blog-a-thon).

    Thanks for your continued interest.

  5. Hi Kevin - I posted my review of Bava's Bay of Blood ( but will have another Italian Horror review written up and emailed to you to serve as my "official" contribution - I wanted to hold on Bay of Blood but just couldn't resist!

  6. Hi Kevin

    My piece on Fulci's 'Don't Torture a Duckling' is now online:

  7. Thanks guys. I'm fighting the swine flu right now, so I may just post something I've had in the can and get to posting links and stuff Tuesday...but don't worry, I'll make sure to check out your reviews and post their links on here. Thanks again for participating.

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