Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't forget about the De Palma Blog-a-Thon!

The oft debated auteur (whose name I just realized I entered in as DePalma instead of De Palma throughout my entry for this blog-a-thon...oops) is being showcased at Tony Dayoub's wonderful blog Cinema Viewfinder (it's a daily stop for me, you should check it out too if you don't already) in an aptly named blog-a-thon: De Palma Blog-a-Thon. Entries will be posted throughout the week at Tony's blog. Entries will be accepted all week, but try to get them in as soon as possible to Tony. Should be a wonderful gathering of thoughts and essays from some of the blogosphere's best writers. I can't wait. I wrote a piece on the underrated Raising Cain so look for that while you're perusing the other entries. See ya over there tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad you decided to write on a little-known De Palma work like "Raising Cain", Kevin. Admittedly, I haven't even seen that film yet (Blockbuster Online has it on a waiting list), but I'm definately curious to hear your verdict.

  2. Thanks, Adam. It was a lot of fun to write about. I'll post a link up here tomorrow so you can check it out over at Tony's site.