Thursday, July 9, 2009

This May Be the Only Time You See an Award Attached to the Name Hugo Stiglitz

J.D. of the always-interesting-to-read blog Radiator Heaven has tagged me with an award entitled: You Are a Great Read. I don't know where it came from and I don't know how long it's been going around, but hey, for maybe the first time in my life I've won something! Haha. Thanks J.D. for thinking so highly of the blog. I don't know if I'm supposed to pass this thing along too, but since that seems to be what people are doing with it I will gladly give this Great Read award to the following bloggers (I'll follow the recent Academy trend of naming 10 worthy candidates here):

Greg at Cinema Styles
Ryan at Medfly Quarantine
Bill at The Kind of Face You Hate
Rick at Coosa Creek Cinema
Pat at Doodad Kind of Town
Ed at Only the Cinema
Alexander at Coleman's Corner in Cinema
Sam at Wonders in the Dark
Jason at The Cooler
Jon at The Powerstrip

Congrats! You are all (more than) Great Reads and it isn't hyperbole when I say that every day I frequent your blogs I learn something new and understand film better than I did the day before. You've all made me a better film-goer.


  1. Thanks much! You are, indeed, a great read, sir! Though one wonders what might be startling that sexy bookworm ;)

  2. I thought the exact same thing! Haha. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Thanks so much, Kevin. Your blog is definitely a great read, and well deserving of this award.

    But sorry, guys, I think I'm the one who got the sexy nerd all hot and bothered -- my book's the one in her lap.

  4. Ed:

    Thanks for the kind words. I mean it when I say that everyone's blog that I listed inspire me to write/post better material -- pushing myself as a writer and a cinephile. So my hat is always tipped to you, the blogging community that makes this such a joy to approach on a daily basis.

    Ah, so it was you who penned the book that got her all flustered. Romance novel?

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog, esp. all of your 1999 film posts, which, I have to say, is getting me to rediscover some of these films that I haven't seen in years!

  6. Thanks J.D.! I'm glad you enjoy those 1999 posts. It's been a lot of fun to re-visit them myself.

  7. A true honor, Kevin, and I'm glad you think so fondly of my blog, as the feeling is mutual. I don't feel like I've been at it long enough to give out awards of my own, but you'd be at or near the top of "Great Reads" any day.

    Thanks again, Kevin, really touching.

  8. My pleasure Ryan. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for the kind words in regards to this blog.

  9. Likewise, Kevin, kudos to you for not only being a great (and prolific) writer, but also for being the effervescent statesman that you are, always concerned for what others are doing, and for tirelessly promoting the work of your colleagues.

    Thanks again for being the perfect sport!

  10. Thanks for the kind words Sam. When I talk about blogs that I'm always learning from, Wonders in the Dark is definitely at the forefront of my mind. You and Allan do an amazing job of running down just about every film worth discussing from every decade. I always walk away from the "Best of" decade lists with at least 20 new movies to add to the queue.

    Your blog, with the efforts of both you and Allan (and the countless, amazingly insightful comments) have broadened my knowledge of foreign cinema.

    Thanks for that!

  11. Thanks Kevin. I'm finally past the damn blogathon and able to catch up again on movie blogs. I am honored to have been chosen. Every blog you list as well as yours is utterly deserving.

  12. Thanks Greg. I loved the Ed Wood blog-a-thon. Great reading all around. I credit your blog for being one of the inspirations behind Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies.

  13. Hey. I just saw this. Oughta pay more attention to my incoming links, I guess.

    I am honored, especially to be in the company of the others on your list. There are some great bloggers there.

    Thanks for thinking of me, the feeling is definitely mutual.

  14. My pleasure, Rick. Yours is one of the best out there. I am eagerly looking forward to your thoughts on the Bergman box set.