Friday, December 11, 2009

...And we're back

Hey everyone...the madness of the past month is over and I'm ready to start posting on here again.  Things will resume this Monday, and there's no telling how many posts I plan on doing in the month I have off from responsibilites.  I plan on doing the following:

Listing my answers to Dennis' quiz
Re-visiting the underrated and undervalued greatness that is "John From Cincinnati"
Catching up with some movies like A Serious Man and last years A Christmas Tale
Reviewing stuff like Funny People and The Limits of Control, as well as other 2009 films
A huge list of things that made me happy the past ten years
My obligatory best of the decade list and best of 2009 list
Fun, shorter reviews for cheesy, violent stuff like The Prowler or some old westerns I've been watching like One Eyed Jacks.

And who knows what else I'll do here.  It should be a fun month...I have a lot on my mind.  Also, as you may be able to tell I switched up the design on the blog.  My brother Troy helped me out since he's an engineer and he can do stuff like that in a matter of seconds.  I like the new look myself, and I started thinking after Troy helped me switch templates and re-design this thing that it looks a lot like Edward Copeland's blog.  So consider it an homage to Ed, who sadly isn't blogging anymore. I look forward to conversing with everyone next week.  Until then...


  1. And don't forget -- WICKER MAN!!! We must get that done next week!

    Good to have you back. It felt wrong for me to have more writing output than you...

  2. Looking forward to it, Kevin. Especially your answers to Dennis' quiz.

  3. Troy:

    I think Monday would be a good time to get that Wicker Man conversation started.


    Thanks! The answers to the quiz will probably be the first thing that gets posted. I've been working on my answers for awhile now, hehe.

  4. I took a hiatus, too, and am hoping to get back into the swing of things. But more Olson is definitely a good thing.

  5. Great to see you back Kevin. troy has really taken up the mantel, but both of you going full-tilt can't be matched.

  6. Awesome to see you back in the fold, my friend. I'm looking forward, as always, to your upcoming posts!