Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On a Carousel of Sound...

We’re a generation whose medium is television and movies…it just is. As much as we might like music we like it better with a visual stimulus accompanying it[…] The rate at which music is consumed people just listen to something once and then move on. People have no choice to make it the music equivalent to a magazine; you get the ones that you want, basically the style that you like, and you listen to it…then you get another one, and then you just blow through them. I mean they’re not albums…they’re not someone pouring tremendous amounts of time into them to really make some difference in someone’s life. If things keep going that way it’s not going to get any easier for us. That’s for certain.

The following quote is from one of the members of America's most underrated and yet-to-be-discovered rock bands The Snake The Cross The Crown. I thought their 2007 album Cotton Teeth was the best album of that year, and it's probably one of the five best albums of this decade. His quote is interesting and a major reason why great bands like his have a hard time surviving; because I think he's onto something when he talks about how nobody really listens to music's become a disposable, quick-fix medium.

All of these thoughts (and why they struggle with the idea of touring), and the making of their 2007 album, can be found in a new documentary by Nicholas Kleczewski called On a Carousel of Sound.... Kleczewski followed the band around during the recording of Cotton Teeth and the subsequent tour. It's interesting to hear some members talk about how they hate to tour because they suffer some sleep deprivation, or how other member do enjoy touring...and how this dichotomy drives a band to go on an indefinite sabbatical. The trailer for the documentary comes after the jump...check it out. At about the two minute mark you get to hear one of their best songs from Cotton Teeth. Enjoy (and if you do like it go buy Cotton Teeth)...


  1. Kevin: I saw this post the other day, but for some reason i remained uninspired to listen to your clip, maybe because I'm an old fart who rarely listen to rock anymore, favoring classical music and opera. But I do occasionally listen to rock, especially folkish rock like this and lo and behold, I just listened to this melodic track (rather melancholic) and I am quite impressed!!! i will have acquire the entire album! You are right to promote this.

  2. Sam:

    Let me know what you think of it (if you do indeed get it). I listened to again today and still firmly believe that it's one of the 5 best albums of the last 10 years.