Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Alert! Check it out...

Dear readers I have an announcement to make. I'm a papa! Okay...not really, but my brother is (he and his wife just got the final thumbs up a week ago from the adoption agency they were looking into in China...so I'm going to be an Uncle!)...but really that doesn't compare to the news I have today. My brother, author of the wonderfully irreverent Elusive as Robert Denby, and I have started a new blog called It's Garbage Day! (Kudos to those of you you can spot the reference), and beginning tomorrow we will have our first post up. We've blatantly ripped off the idea of a "conversations" (ahem sorry Ed and Jason) piece for all the movies we will discuss...which, in case you couldn't tell, will most likely be bad movies. However, we don't want to bore anyone with conversations about bad movies...no these are bad movies that say something. You will not want to miss our conversation on Neil Labute's The Wicker Man.

This blog also gives me an outlet to talk more about bad, or just so-so, horror movies. I don't really like writing "reviews" for them, and since I owe much of my horror knowledge to my brother, I figured a better avenue for that type of discourse would be on another blog where he and I share writing duties.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow at It's Garbage Day! for our first conversation (I'll leave you in suspense as to what it is we're talking about)...it's going to be a good one. Of course, the reason I am telling you all this and pimping the blog on here is that I want all of you (especially you horror buffs...there's going to be a lot of horror and 70's B-movie conversations that'll cover everything from Alienator to Malone starring Burt Reynolds to some of our favorite Italian hacks like Umberto Lenzi...and of course the films of John Saxon), my dear and faithful readers, to stop by and follow the blog if you think it's worth your time. We'd love to have these conversations with everyone, not just each other...because quite honestly we talk about this stuff every time we see each other (and our friends just roll their eyes).

So I hope I'll see you all tomorrow at the new blog...which in no way will take away from this blog -- hopefully it'll add to it and make me a better writer.

See ya!


  1. Nice. I'm especially looking forward to the discussion of the Wicker Man remake, one of the most gloriously awful movies ever. Otherwise, I have a feeling I won't have seen most of what you'll be talking about, but I'm sure it'll be fun anyway!

  2. I'm looking forward to The Wicker Man discussion, too. I've seen it a few times now...I just can't believe they were serious when they made that movie. Hehe.

  3. Both Allan and I are big fans of THE WICKER MAN, and I think there is much promise in that upcoming discussion, so I look forward to this initial discourse on your new blog with excitement. I'm sure this will be a terrific new venture!

    Kudos to Troy and best wishes with his impending new addition! You will be a fantastic uncle! I will be back to your blog later today.

  4. Wait Sam are we talking about the same version of The Wicker Man? Because my brother and I will be discussing the Neil Labute version.

    Anyway...I hope to see ya around here soon.

  5. Screen cap from 'Silent Night Deadly Night 2'.


    Needless to say I'll be checking this new blog out.

    BTW, the screen cap shown is a great part of this film, he hooks a guy up to battery cables till his eyes explode. Yes, I have this film on VHS and the scenes in question are on my 'clip tape' volume 2 or 3 (I can't remember).

  6. Jamie:

    Nice work! Haha. You'll love our first discussion. The scene you mention is posted in its entirety on the blog. We discuss its...ahem...merits, hehe.

    Hope to see ya around there.

  7. You'll see me around there, most certainly! We seem to see eye to eye on a lot of this 80's trash (that I do in fact still love).

    Are you familiar with AIP (not the Corman's 'American International' but ACTION international pictures') from the 80's? they made mostly low grade action films. David A. Prior was the chief 'director'. He made like 12 films in '91 alone. My friends and I still laugh at 'Jungle Assault' 10 years later after first seeing it. if you need any of these for future discussions I can try and dub you copies.

    or maybe a review of 'Rumpelstiltskin'?

  8. opps, he put out 10 in 1990.


    pure crap, but hilarious.

  9. I haven't seen any of those movies, but my brother may have. Troy? Any thoughts on this? And any kind of film that we could review (and you could add to the discussion, too) would be great! For now I'll let Troy tackle the AIP question.

  10. Oh God no Kevin, I thought you were talking about the original British film with Christopher Lee!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering why Ed said he disliked it?!?! It's a great film!

    But the LaBute? Ha! I won't even go there! But I will still be at the post and new blog of course!

  11. I figured as much, hehe. I love the original, too. It's a shame they went and ruined it all. I think I like Christopher Lee's response when asked what he thought about the remake...he simply said: "why?"

    Ha. Great stuff.

  12. Sam -- thanks for the kudos! Hope we aren't disappointing you by not discussing the good Wicker Man (it's one of my favorites as well). If you get the chance, the LaBute remake is worth watching just to see how they entirely strip out ALL the atmosphere that's present in the original (and for the awful performance of the entire cast).

    Jamie -- I've heard of AIP, and went to check if I had seen any of their films. It turns out I've seen Soultaker via MST3K, but none of the others ring a bell. Apparently I stuck with the fine action films of Cannon and not these.

    I did find this site with many of the VHS boxes:

    Wow -- Jeff Conaway, Reb Brown, Vernon Wells, Joe Estevhez, Jan Michael Vincent, John Philip Law, Robert Ginty, Robert Z'Dar, Erik Estrada, Adam West, Cynthia Rothrock, a bunch of random kickboxers, and even some good actors who needed a paycheck or had outstanding gambling debts (Christopher Lee, David Carradine, Oliver Reed, etc.).

    I also noticed that my preferred place to grab these out-of-print bad movies has just about all of these available!


    Looks like a treasure trove of greatness there! Look for reviews of Elves, Last Flight to Hell, and Enemy Unseen at some point in time.