Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer of Slash: Further Thoughts on Friday the 13th Series

I'm taking the week off from Summer of Slash after too much Jason Voorhees. So, in lieu of my own horror content on the blog this week, I will gladly point you towards the gracious Michael Grover of the blog Filmiliarity who has taken it upon himself to finish the Friday the 13th series with more in-depth reviews. His first entry, A New Beginning, is up and can be found here. Enjoy. The Slash will continue next week.


  1. Hey, first time commenting: I really like your reviews.
    Whenever you find the time, let us know what you think about "Happy birthday to me", the perfect blend between Slasher, Giallo and Scooby Doo. Thanks!

    1. You're in luck! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME is coming in a couple of weeks.