Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, hey, readers...

Yes, my blogging habits recently have been about as maddening as trying to decipher Tommy Wiseau's dialogue, but I vow to change that soon. I'll have a post up soon on my favorite albums of the year. This is also the time of the year (now that I'm on winter break) where I don't have to worry about work, and I begin my annual immersion into catching up with all of the 2011 movies that I missed. I'll be posting some reviews shortly.


  1. Oh hai.

    How's yoru sex life?

    Ahahaha, what a funny story Mark.

  2. Nice, looking forward to the album list. I'm working on mine now but I've got so much to sift through that it'll probably be a while before it's ready. Was a great year for music, I thought, but then aren't they all?

  3. Ed:

    Yeah. I really tried to go outside of my comfort zone this year with music. I mean, there's still a heavy "indie" bent to my list, but I really wanted to give myself over to different styles of music this year. I think the record club helped with that. I definitely ventured out of my usual post-hardcore likings this year. I tried to get into more popular electronic music like Neon Indian, and I really wanted to see if there where other bands out there like Mew, so my friend suggested M83 and Battles. I really dig Battles.

    The full list should be done in a few days.

    Oh, and I really enjoyed your take on The Third Man...probably one of my five favorite films. Nicely done.

  4. I was not too crazy about this year's Battles album, but I really loved Mirrored. Since that album, Tyondai Braxton (the son of jazz legend Anthony Braxton) left the band and I didn't think Gloss Drop was as good without his presence. Still not bad, and I dug a lot of the vocal guests they got to replace him, but something was clearly missing for me.

    If you like them, you should check out Gang Gang Dance, if you haven't already. Eye Contact and Saint Dymphna are brilliant, and have a somewhat similar hyper vibe to my ears.

  5. Cool, Ed. I'll check them out. I'm hoping you'll be able to offer up some other suggestions when I publish my list.

    About Battles: I generally like music like it, but they had eluded me until a few months ago when a friend of mine (who is in a band...that only strikes me as relevant in that Battles seems likes a band for musicians) gave me a list of new bands to start listening to, and they were near the top of the list along with two other bands I've really dug this year: Mew and St. Vincent.

    Anyway, I'll check out Gang Gang Dance. Are we going to continue the Record Club after the holidays? I'm really bummed I got so swamped I wasn't able to participate in the Miles Davis conversation even though I really enjoyed that album (and all of the other albums that were featured).