Monday, October 31, 2011

Italian Horror Blogathon: Day Six

Happy Halloween, everyone! Check out my final post below. Keep sending in your links; I'll be updating this post throughout the day. Previous days contributions can be found after the jump.


Tim is back with his take on Demons 2. Check it out.

Simon Wright of Creatures of Light and Darkness returns with a great look at Italian soundtracks.

Stacia of She Blogs By Night takes a look at Argento's short films Jennifer and Pelts; two films he made for the television series "Masters of Horror." I have to admit, I haven't seen the made-for-Showtime series, but Stacia's coverage of these two short films makes me want to check it out.


W.B. Kelso of the wonderful blog Micro-brewed Reviews takes an extensive look at Luigi Cozzi's The Killer Must Kill Again.

Tim of Antagony & Ecstasy takes a look at the Lamberto Bava/Dario Argento collaboration Demons with his usual wit and style. Be on the lookout tomorrow for a follow-up from Tim.

And finally, Troy is back with another re-post; this time for Argento's Suspiria. There are tons of great screengrabs in that post so check it out.


One of my favorite bloggers, Tim Brayton, has written on the subject of Italian horror in the past. Here are links to just a few of his pieces on the subject: Zombi 2StagefrightThe Beyond, and The House on the Edge of the Park.

Speaking of Deodato's House on the Edge of the ParkHouse of Self-Indulgence takes a great look at the video nasty, here.

And my brother, Troy, returns with a look at Fellini's Toby Dammit.


Once again, Troy has a great post on a Bava film; this time he covers Kill, Baby, Kill with the usual array of beautiful Bava screenshots. Check it out.

Simon Wright just started his blog, Creatures of Light and Darkness, and I'm honored that the blogathon was the catalyst for his inaugural post as he gives us his take on Argento's seminal Suspiria.

Aaron Fenwick of Tomorrow's Sound for Today's Swinging Generation takes a look at one of my favorite, trashy exploitation zombie flicks, Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher M.D.).

Thomas Duke of one of my new favorite blogs I've discovered, Cinema Gonzo, tackles the Ruggero Deodato slasher Body Count. Check it out; it has a ton of great clips throughout the post.


Up at his blog Elusive as Robert Denby, my brother, Troy, has a great post on Bava's Blood and Black Lace (with some amazing screenshots).

A good friend to this blog, J.D. of Radiator Heaven has a great look at Dario Aregento's Phenomena.

Barry P. of Cinematic Catharsis gives us his take on what many consider the last true Italian horror movie, Michele Soavi's Cemetery Man.


Neil Fulwood, of the outstanding blog The Agitation of the Mind, gives us his take one of my dessert island Italian horror flicks with a post on Lucio Fulci's The Beyond.

Michael Parent takes a look at one of the most notorious and infamous Italian horror films, Cannibal Holocaust.

Michael Grover takes a look at one of my favorite Italian cannibal movies, Cannibal Apocalypse.

My brother, Troy, re-posts his epic take on Umberto Lenzi's wonderfully awful Welcome to Spring Break. Lots of great Youtube clips and stills from the movie to check out.


  1. Oops, looks like I botched it already by posting my link in the wrong comments section. Sorry about that.

  2. Hi!

    As promised here's my post on Cannibal Holocaust.

  3. Hi, Kevin. My review of 'The Beyond' is now up at The Agitation of the Mind:



  4. Hello Kevin:

    My review for Cemetery Man is now up at Cinematic Catharsis:

    Thanks for hosting this blog-a-thon. I'm looking forward to reading the other posts!

    -- Barry P.

  5. Hey Kevin,

    My contribution is up on my blog - a review of Argento's PHENOMENA:

  6. Hi Kevin, been trying to get a blog started in time for Halloween and noticed you're doing the blog-a-thon again this year so thought I'd tag along. For my first ever post I thought there could be no better place to start than with one of the movies that kick-started my interest in some of the more outré treats that cinema has to offer, good ole' Suspiria:

    Hoping to get in a few more posts before Halloween. Keep up the good work ;)

  7. I got my post up for Deodato's Body Count. Thanks! I'll check out the other posts.

  8. Zombie Holocaust aka Dr Butcher Medical Deviant is reviewed!

  9. For Sunday, The Killer Must Kill Again (and again and again.)

    This whole thing has been great thus far. Thanks for hosting!

  10. My review of Argento's Jenifer and Pelts is finally up -- and now I have time to read everyone's posts! Yay!

  11. Sorry this one's pretty last minute, but have just posted a piece on Italian horror soundtracks.

    Oh, and Happy Halloween btw people ;)

  12. Now that we're in the waning hours, I wanted to thank our most excellent host for putting this together once again. It was fun! And great pieces all 'round!

  13. Just reviewed Lucio Fulci's Manhattan Baby,heres the link: