Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Quick Question...

I've been messing with my blog the last couple of hours.  I've changed some minor things like colors and such, and I've tweaked some major things to the sidebar like adding an index for my Italian Horror reviews, a link that explains who Hugo Stiglitz is, and as a more organized labeling system (yay OCD!)

So, here's what I'm curious about in my ongoing quest to make the blog as aesthetically pleasing as possible: How does this look when YOU see it.  I've viewed it on both Google Chrome and Firefox (the latter has the header pic fill up the entirety of its space and shows borders, while the former shows the pic not quite filling up the entire header, and the sidebar border can't be seen) and was curious what browser you use to view the blog, and how does it look to you?  Are the widths all messed up? Do the colors show correctly (the blog title should be in red)? Do you even view the site from the homepage or do you view it through an RSS reader?

I'm just curious as I've been tweaking these things and I'm wondering if they're improving the blog, or just making it a cluttered mess.  Let me know.  And please be brutally honest!  Hehe.  I'll return late tonight with another installment for my Summer of Slash series.  Thanks!


  1. Well, here on Internet Explorer 8, I see the header pic fill its space; no borders around the pic except for a thin red one running along the bottom of the header and down between the sidebar and your posts; the widths look fine on my widescreen display; blog title looks red. I alternate between reading your homepage and your RSS feed.

    My only small criticism is that I would keep the entirety of the page balanced by only having enough posts displayed on each page to run as far down as the length of the contents of your sidebar... take it for what it's worth.

  2. Thanks, Tony, for checking in. I appreciate it. When I see the formatting on my office computer it all looks good in widescreen; however, sometimes when I look at my blog from my Netbook, the formatting looks kind of funny, but I assume most everyone has a widescreen that didn't worry me too much.

    I appreciate the comment about the amount of posts on my page...I had it at a staggering 25(!) and cut it down to 10...that should fix the problem (and I agree it makes more concise).

    I'm glad the sidebar border is showing up for you. For some reason Chrome doesn't pick it up...but I assume most use Firefox and IE.

    Thanks again for checking in!

  3. I'm a Chrome guy, so I guess you know what it looks like to me. (Looks fine, by the way.) But, yes, other than coming to your site to comment, I keep track of the action via RSS (Google Reader), so I rarely see the actual blog. The important thing for me when I do land on someone's blog is that I'm able to easily read the actual posts. (And you can here.) So as you tinker, always start there, and the rest is gravy. My 2 cents.

  4. Jason:

    Thanks for checking in! Glad everything looks ok on your end. I'm always worried my widths are off, but if you say it's readable than I won't worry too much about it.

  5. I'm another one of those RSS guys, as I use Google Reader for everything, only clicking through when I'm going to leave a comment. Firefox is my browser of choice.

    Your header is quite huge vertically at the moment. When I read the site on my phone, that is kind of annoying, but on any normal sized monitor it's irrelevant.

    You'll notice the header size changes depending on the picture you put in there. That can be fixed to be "static", but it involves work :)

    But I like the red on white, which is easy to read, and you have a good ratio of the width of the sidebar to main post area.