Thursday, October 1, 2009

There's something cookin' here at Hugo Stiglitz

Posting might be light for awhile...but there's something getting ready to bubble up here...

(Image of woman's head in microwave curteousy of Fulci's A Cat in the Brain)


  1. And who said Italian cinema was dead!

  2. Just a few weeks more and this genre will be in full focus. I just saw ZOMBIELAND tonight and I must say against odds I was delighted! This one has to rank at least 4/5, and it doesn't cheat on the gore either! I hope you and Troy will be seeing this! It's often quite funny too.

  3. Indeed, Sam. I can't wait. I've been watching nothing but Italian horror lately...even while I'm grading and writing papers for grad school! Haha. I look forward to seeing Zombieland.