Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wondering About the Top FIlms of the 1970's?

Hey everyone (okay, the four of you that read this blog) head on over to one of the best film blogs in the whole 'sphere, Wonders in the Dark, for their always brilliant polling of what the best films of each decade are. This month they're onto the 1970's, an era that is known for the onslaught of upstart American filmmakers who were able to do whatever they wanted with the studios money. The slew of brilliant Art House fair from other countries was slowing down, and American films started to take their place as the films young, hip cinephiles raved about. My own list will be somewhat unorthodox, what with all the Italian Horror sure to be on the list, but that's what makes Sam Juliano and co. endeavor so much fun: you get to see what other films buffs hold in high regard. So head on over to Wonders in the Dark and participate in their always-fun polling process. Make sure you subscribe to the comments, because discussion will continue throughout the month, and their comments section is always an interesting read. I will unveil my list at their site, so head on over and participate.


  1. Oh Kevin, you are a true scholarly and a gentleman!!! And one heck of a nice guy too!! Thanks very much for this overwhelming honor, and for the effusive praise and appreciation. I won't ever forget this. As far as your own list, I must say I am rather intrigued and exited, especially since your 60's list was exceptional, headed up by the film that actually won, Fellini's 8 1/2. Again, many thanks!

    And don't kid yourself--WAY more than four people look here, as evidenced by the comment sections!

  2. Always my pleasure, Sam, my good man.