Friday, April 3, 2009

DVD Review: Quantum of Solace

The newest James Bond movie definitely feels more like a Jason Bourne movie, as so many critics have pointed out, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I have never understood the backlash to the Daniel Craig Bond films (granted there's only been two, but still...) as I think it's okay to throw a tree branch into the spoke of a machine every now and then. Marc Forster may have been the wrong man to direct Quantum of Solace, though, as he often mistakes action scenes for the viewer wanting to be "in" the scene -- this kind of hyper-kinetic filmmaking really bothers me, and there's a great chase scene where Bond is trying to track down a rogue agent, and really, it could have been one of the more amazing stunt pieces of any Bond film, but Forster films it in such a bizarre, kinetic way (actually speeding up the film in certain parts) that instead of being awed by the scene and its set pieces, we're left on the edge of our seat waiting for the scene to be over. If Forster could have shown just a bot of restraint, and pulled back his camera, and shown the fight in one steady shot, then the scene would have been phenomenal.

I don't have any really problems with this new Bond that they are fashioning, I think it's kind of a relief as the formula was wearing thin with the likes of Tomothy Daulton and Pierce Brosnan (who was damn good, by the way). Craig brings a fierceness to the role never before seen; a man motivated by a revenge and duty. He's almost like the Terminator in this film.

The action is top heavy for the most part in Quantum of Solace, as most of the action takes place within the first 30 minutes. They hit you with it immediately, and then they keep hitting you with it, but then the film slows down, and although it's not nearly as good as Casino Royale (that's a Bond film that knew how to balance the action with the intriguing storyline) it's serviceable, and certainly better than the bond films we were getting in the late 80's through the 90's.

The film looks and sounds amazing on Blu-Ray (thanks Brandon for letting me come over and watch it in your theater room), and really it served its purpose: it entertained me. Highly recommended for a Blu-Ray viewing.


  1. Yeah, I too thought this was a good, not great film. Exactly what I expect to get from a James Bond film. For as much as I love Pierce Brosnan, those were some bad movies if you weren't 14 years-old when you watched them. I like Craig and I like where they are taking the series with him. After all these years, at least it's something different, right?

  2. I agree about the different direction they are taking the series in. Some purists like Ebert gave the film a hard time because of how determined of a killer Bond was. I'm just glad that after all of these years we have a different Bond, because the old prototype, though sometimes fun, was getting tiresome.

    Plus, as I mentioned in the short review, it looked and sounded AMAZING on Blu-Ray, especially at Brandon's house.

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